Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Friends With Benefits

I can't believe that I actually gave this garbage a chance. I came in with low expectations and left confirming what I thought was going to be nothing more than a cliche romcom with a naked Justin Timberlake. It was more than I needed to see to say the least. This compares to the horror of My Best Friend's Girl. Mila Kunis was charming but there was no chemistry between any of the characters. The only performance worth noting was Richard Jenkins' role of Timberlake's father. The rest was a waste of time. How anyone can find this remotely entertaining has terrible taste in film or at the least, romantic comedies. 1 out of 4 stars.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Larry Crowne

Sure, the movie was predictable and sure it lacked real chemistry between the characters but it managed to keep me interested somehow. Maybe it was the witty humor or the naive young guys playing college students making complete fools out of themselves or maybe, just maybe, it is Julia Roberts' ability to capture an audience full of movie-goers and have her smile resonate through the dark theater. It's that likability factor that leaves the audience satisfied after watching a not-so-special romantic comedy that has eighty different main characters with troublesome lives. Tom Hanks has become dry and not as charming on screen as he once was but with Julia's big, bright smile the failures of the film quickly disappear and has the viewers loving the story. Through this unclear review, one thing is clear: In the end, it's all about French toast. 2 and a half out of 4 stars.