Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love Happens

Love Happens is about a writer, Burk, played by Aaron Eckhart who writes a book on how to cope with losses. While in Seattle he meets a flower shop owner, Eloise, played by Jennifer Aniston. The two quickly form a bond that has it's bumps when the death of Burk's wife is mentioned or whenever they disagree with each other, naturally. If I begin to go into technicalities this film needs major editing. The storyline was at best, mediocre. It played out just like all other usual romantic drama's. The only commendable aspect was the acting of Eckhart and Aniston, as well as Martin Sheen. At parts the story did drag on but the ending seemed a bit rushed. The end is also where we get to see the sincerity of the actors and relate to what they are going through. 2 and a half out of 4 stars.

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