Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Golden Globes Nomination Comments

Award Season is upon us!
Ok, so I looked over the films nominated for Golden Globes this year and from my perspective, it will be a tough race in the comedy-musical category. I was disappointed to see A Serious Man get only one lousy nomination in the Best Actor category. There were also many movies that I haven't seen yet such as: A Single Man, Nine, It's Complicated, Up In The Air, Avatar, Precious, and The Blind Side. Based on reviews and such, I would expect Up In The Air to win at least a couple of awards. Meryl Streep will definitely take home one award (probably for Julie and Julia). I'm hoping that Inglourious Basterds wins the Best Director award for Quinten Tarentino. Now, even though Julia Roberts deserves an award for something, her role in Duplicity shouldn't even have been considered, for that film was garbage for the most part. I was excited to see (500) Days of Summer get nominated in Best Picture and Best Actor categories. Though it probably won't win either one, I am still hoping that Joseph Gordon-Levitt wins for best actor in a comedy. On a different note, this has been George Clooney's year from playing in 3 roles, one of which is an animated feature. He excelled in each of the movies that have been released so far. Once again, I have NOT seen Up In The Air yet so I can't make a final judgment call but based on the trailers, I think he is safe in winning the Best Actor Award. ----Then again, you have Jeff Bridges in the mix so one never knows if this will turn out like last year where Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke were neck and neck for the best actor category. Lastly, the Animated film category. This will be an obvious win for Pixar's latest, Up, but one will always wonder if Fantastic Mr. Fox ever stood a chance, which was my personal favorite in the mix!

Keep reading for my official Golden Globe Predictions that will be posted before the year's close. I don't know folks, I will have to process the comedy categories and watch all the Christmas Day releases (Nine, Sherlock Holmes, It's Complicated, Up In The Air) before I make my final predictions.

Stay Tuned and Happy Awards Season!!!

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